Our team strongly believes in the power of video marketing to target and inform an audience of potential clients and consumers.  We consider it one of the main rising stars in getting a message across to your viewers.  We have gathered data from completed websites and come to find that people prefer to watch a video than to read lengthy content on a website.  Additionally, most of the time, when a viewer is finished watching a video on your site, they will go on to read the content on all of your pages.  So, video marketing can also help to promote your site’s content.  We have also found that including the word “video” in the subject line of an email results in a nineteen percent increase in the open rate of that email, a sixty-five percent increase in click-through rates, and a twenty-six percent reduction in unsubscribers.  This is a trend that will not stop – so, it is important, as a business owner, to take full advantage of the trends being displayed in society.

On the left you will see an example of what we are able to accomplish. Our team of content writers made sure that we had a short and to the point message. This way you do not lose the attention of your visitors and yet get your message across.