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When companies elect to use our services, we do not require payment until after one month with no contract.  We are this confident that we will get you the leads and sales you’ve been looking for.  Our fee after one month is very competitive.  We will constantly be upgrading the landing pages with new promotions and content to keep your clients interested and engaged.  That phone of yours will never stop ringing as long as you’re working with us.  We are able to do this partially due to our use of the Google AdWords service.  AdWords is a Google service made for businesses wanting to display ads on Google’s network of advertising.  We’ve all typed in some key search terms on Google and seen the first five or so hits with the little “ad” square underneath the link.  The important thing to note here is that these are the FIRST hits – the ones that are most likely to be looked at and clicked on.  How does it work?  Google AdWords operates primarily on key terms.  The ads that pop up when a search is entered are always related to the word or combination of terms that were searched.  Having a multitude of the commonly searched terms associated with your field will give your site a top hit position on Google, as well as an extra boost with the AdWords service.  We know all the ins and outs of AdWords to help you and your business optimize your ad power.  Our service also includes click fraud detection that competitors might be executing on you right now.